Hoops for Hope - 3 on 3 Registration

Spectator donations welcome at the door. Go for the Gold is covering the team admission fees for all teams aged 10 - 18. Teams aged 19 - 24 will be contacted to pay a $125 admission fee. You may also register a 4th player as an alternate, at no additional charge. Medal ceremony for 1st place winners ages 10 - 18. $500 cash prize 1st place winners age 19 - 24. In the event of an illness or other reason for a roster change we will need notification 14 days before the event (April 8th). No cancellations/refunds after March 22, 2023. For questions or assistance contact us at info@go4thegold.org

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Event is open to ages 10 - 24. Depending on the number of teams, brackets will be determined based on age, grade, and experience.

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