PREPARE/ENRICH Mentoring Program

The Individualized Mentoring and Coaching program offered by Marriage Works! Ohio provides a couple the opportunity to schedule a time to meet and talk with a skilled, trained professional relationship mentor and coach.

Couples in every stage of relationship benefit from the Individualized Mentoring and Coaching Program.

The Marriage Works! Ohio Mentoring and Coaching Program is offered in two formats:

BASIC Individualized Mentoring and Coaching and CUSTOMIZED Individualized Mentoring and Coaching

During the Basic Mentoring and Coaching sessions the couple will meet one on one with the Mentor/Coach. During the session couples have the opportunity to discuss their relationship in a private one on one setting. The Mentor/Coach will suggest some of the skills, techniques, and tools the couple can implement to effectively address some of the areas of difficulty they may be experiencing.

During the Customized sessions the couple will also meet in a private, one on one setting with the Mentor/Coach. At the conclusion of the first session, email addresses for both individuals are verified and the couple is provided a link where they can access the online Prepare/Enrich assessment. After the completion of the assessment, a report is generated. The report assesses satisfaction levels in 12 relationship categories. Couples can gain personalized insights into relationship dynamics, commitment levels, personality, spiritual beliefs, and family systems to name a few.

You want the best for and from your relationship. So what are you waiting for?

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Class length is variable based on couple’s desires and needs.