Does this sound familiar!? The preparation for a wedding can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to say the least! There is A LOT that goes into the planning of a wedding. Selecting the Bridal party and Groomsmen, finding a dress, a venue, the caterer, a photographer, the honeymoon! The list goes on and on and can seem never ending!

At Marriage Works! Ohio we believe that the most important thing to make sure you have placed on your wedding planning “to-do list” is the personal and individual preparation you are planning for a lifetime together!

Allow Marriage Works! Ohio to assist you in preparing for this life changing event by participating in our new Marriage Works! Ohio Marriage Prep Program.


The Marriage Works! Ohio Marriage Prep Program is designed to help couples focus on what matters most: A healthy, happy life-long marriage! After all, that is what the “big day” is all about! Right?

The Marriage Works! Ohio Marriage Prep Program is designed to address several of the more significant and essential relationship skills needed in order to have and maintain a healthy relationship.

During the Marriage Works! Ohio Marriage Prep Program we will address the areas of:

Communication – Conflict Resolution – Individual Personality – Affection and Sexuality

We desire to assist you in ensuring that all of the hard work you’re putting into planning one of the most important, and memorable days of your life will be the beginning of a life-time of continued marital health, happiness and success well after the ceremony and honeymoon is complete.

Couples will meet for three individualized sessions with the Marriage Works! Ohio Relationship Education Coach. They will be provided access to an online assessment which will indicate areas of present strength possessed by the couple, as well as areas where improvements can be made. The benefit of the individualized sessions allows the couple to speak as openly and candidly as they desire.

Enroll in the Marriage Works! Ohio Marriage Prep Program TODAY!

The time, work, and effort you’ll invest in one another during your Marriage Works! Ohio Marriage Prep Program will begin providing you with immediate returns on each of your personal investment!

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