“The family is the most important institution of the world. If the home goes, the nation is going to go.” – Billy Graham

“The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” – Pope John Paul II

Family life is under attack by our culture and is increasingly bombarded by negative and damaging messages and images. Strong families are the cornerstone to the strength of our church communities and the Christian message in our world today. We need to see the importance of strengthening marriages, in the community around us, for the sake of our next generation.

Because we see this need in our surrounding faith communities, Marriage Works! Ohio has designed a new Christian marriage enrichment program for church communities!

The Rekindling the Heart (R.T.H.) curriculum is not just about strengthening marriages, but it is also about building Marriage Education teams in our church that provide marriage support and encouragement to those in need. It seeks to encourage ongoing support rather than a “flash-in-the-pan” approach. Too many people wait too long to get help for their marriage, out of fear of what it will look like to others. Often, couple’s wait until their marriage is in extreme crises or at the end-of-the-rope before finally seeking help; and often, at this point, it is too late. The R.T.H. concept is built upon creating ongoing support for couples and for reducing the stigma of marriage education being only for those in trouble. Rather, it should be readily available in order to help couples grow in and work at their marriage with the support of their faith community.

We would like to connect with you and your church leaders to explore options for getting this program started at your location and to provide you assistance in building an ongoing marriage supportive ministry. For more information please call us at: 937-262-7010.