Into the Darkness

He came into my home in the middle of the night.  He was irate, yelling as he was destroying the house looking for the alcohol that he thought I hid from him.  That night, I couldn’t save myself.  

I was kicked around, beaten and then slammed up against my bedroom wall, he dangled me in the air with both of his hands wrapped around my neck.  The last thing I remember was seeing my two little babies standing in the hallway watching in fear.  My body went limp, I slowly started to fade away, into the darkness.  To this day I don’t know why he let go?  I slid down the bedroom wall onto the floor gasping for air.

I slowly made my way to the hallway to my babies, as I tried to gain my composure and to protect my children.  I hugged them tightly, gave them a kiss on their cheeks and told them that Mommy was okay and it was time to get into bed.  That’s when my son looked at me and said to me the words that impacted me greatly, “Mommy, it’s okay to cry, I know that really hurt.”

As they got back into their beds, I made my way to the bathroom.  I felt very sick to my stomach after what had just taken place.  Catching a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror made me stop in my tracks.  

I never wanted my children to see me this way or to ever live in fear again.  I had nowhere to go, no one to help me, all I could do was to cry out to the Lord.  I told the Lord if He would help me and protect my children I would change.  I would live my life for Him and not for myself.  It was at that very moment when I spoke those words, that a peace came over me and my home.  

The Lord started working in my life, bringing people to help me, providing for my needs and answering my prayers.  From that moment, my life was never the same.

Although you may be in the darkness, there is hope for a brighter future.

The Bible says in Psalm 18:6, “I called to the Lord in my distress, and I cried to my God for help.  From His temple He heard my voice and my cry to Him reached His ears.”  

1 in 4 women experience physical violence by their partner.

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