Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these creative ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner which probably means you’re planning an evening out with your spouse. While there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, it can be fun to do something “out of the ordinary” every once in a while. We hope these three ideas will help give you and your partner something original to do on February 14th.

  1. Plan a progressive dinner

With a progressive dinner, you’re not stuck at the same place all night. Instead, this concept allows you and your spouse to enjoy the best dishes from your favorite restaurants. Take some time with your partner to think about what restaurants in town have the best drinks, appetizers, main courses, and desserts. From there, make a plan on how you want to structure your dinner. Go to one restaurant for drinks, one for appetizers, and continue through the evening. This dinner will keep you moving, but you’re sure to get all the delicious foods you love.

  1. Try something adventurous

If you and your spouse are spontaneous and like trying new things, why not work this spirit into your Valentine’s Day date? The Dayton and Cincinnati areas have plenty of unique activities to choose from. One local suggestion would be indoor rock climbing. Urban Krag, a converted church close to downtown Dayton, offers this sport with plenty of training for beginners. If you don’t mind driving a bit, there are also several fun facilities in Cincinnati. Top Golf combines golf with large, electronic targets making the game fun for everyone (even without prior experience). Another option is iFly, an indoor skydiving park. If you and your partner have wanted to try skydiving but worry about the risk, this date could be perfect for you!

  1. Enjoy a romantic movie night

And, for the homebodies, how about a romantic movie night? While you and your spouse might watch movies often, consider making your flick special on Valentine’s Day. Order some nice takeout and pick up a decadent dessert from the store. Other suggestions would be to set out flowers, candles, and the coziest blankets you can find. With some intention, you and your spouse will thoroughly enjoy the evening, even if the movie you pick stinks.

Hopefully, these three suggestions helped you think about how you and your honey will spend Valentine’s Day. Just remember, the holiday is not about having a perfect date; it’s about spending quality time with the person you’re closest to.

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