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PICK PLUS Job Skills/Career Advancement Services

PICK Plus Jobs Skills

Cost: FREE

Duration:3 Hour Sessions once a week for 7 Weeks

Who This Class Is For: Single, Dating or Engaged Couples with at least one individual committing to the Job Skills segment

Registration deadline is by noon, five business days before the start date of each class.



Description: The PICK (Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge) PLUS Program is for single, dating or engaged couples. This program is based on the 5 predictive areas crucial to explore in a dating relationship. Understanding these will better enable you to predict what a person will be like in marriage. Singles and Couples will learn about the 5 dynamics of Relationship Attachment Model, and how to develop a healthy relationship through pacing themselves and avoiding unhealthy attachments. You will also learn how several relationship skills can transfer to the work environment.

The Job Skills/Career Advancement Services are also incorporated and provided by Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley. They will cover the following: 1) Identifying Your Job & Career Options, 2) Making Career Decisions and Problem Solving, 3) Applying for a Job, and 4) Understanding Employer Expectations

Upon completion of these classes, a Job and Career Development Specialist with GESMV will meet with you
bi-weekly to help with your Individualized Employment Plan and to assist with your job search.

Class includes:

  • Free Meals
  • Free childcare
  • Free class materials
  • You can earn gift cards for attendance

Registration is required for this class.

Registration deadline is by noon, five business days before the start date of each class.

Call 937-262-7010 or 1-866-Live As 1 for more information.

"Actually knowing what the cause and effects of what I do or say to my kids and family makes me more attentive to what they need of me and see of me." ~Helene PICK PLUS Participant


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Call 937-262-7010 or 1-866-Live As 1 to register.

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