MW! Marriage Prep

Make your Marriage Work! with Marriage Works!

Why is MW! Marriage Prep right for you?

Falling in love and getting engaged…that’s the easy part! Begin prepping for your marriage NOW by attending Marriage Works! Marriage Prep.

Why attend MW! Marriage Prep? We’re all encouraged and advised to get regular/routine checkups, receive regular dental care. Even our cars require the same care and attention and maintenance.

Why not provide the same care and attention to your most important relationship, YOUR MARRIAGE?

Now you can!

Each couple begins by taking the scientifically developed Prepare/Enrich assessment in the privacy of their own home. Couples will attend a 5-hour class held on a Saturday.

Each couple will also receive a 45 minute one on one personal feedback session. During this private session the couples individualized assessment report will be discussed with them! (Follow-up appointments are scheduled on a separate date most suitable for the couples.)



During the 5-hour class held on Saturday each couple will receive valuable training, and information to address:

  • Identifying relationship strengths
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Better understanding of each other
  • Dealing with personality differences
  • Applying what you learn to your daily lives
  • Building a more intimate and satisfying relationship

Your Prepare/Enrich Assessment and Report Includes:

  • A user-friendly report created specifically based on YOUR relationship
  • A workbook with exercises and discussion questions to help you begin improving your relationship immediately!

Customized for your relationship:

  • The Prepare/Enrich Assessment is tailored to YOUR RELATIONSHIP!
  • The prepare/Enrich Assessment addresses several important core areas of your relationship: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Personality, Relationship Roles, Sexuality, Finances and several more.

Sign up for a class below!

The Marriage Works! Marriage Prep class is held on Saturdays. Upon enrollment/payment for the class, each couple will be asked to provide TWO VALID email addresses.

An online link to take the Prepare/Enrich Assessment will be sent to each of the email addresses provided.

Couples are asked to complete the Prepare/Enrich Assessment prior to attending the Saturday class.

During the Saturday class each couple will be scheduled for an individualized follow-up appointment with the trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator to go over their individual assessment results privately.

Contact Sydney at (937) 262-7010 for more information.