Couple Checkup

Which Checkup is right for you?

Married: How healthy is your marriage? Identify your strength and growth areas with the Married Couple Checkup.

Engaged: Falling in love is the easy part…Now prepare for your marriage by taking the Engaged Couple Checkup

Dating: Things are getting more serious…The Dating Couple Checkup can help you take the right next step.


Why get a Couple Checkup? You get a physical checkup, regular dental care and even your car gets regular attention and maintenance. Why not give the same care and attention to your most important relationship? Now you can take the scientifically developed Couple Checkup in the privacy of your own home.



The Couple Checkup process will  help you:

  • Identify your relationship strengths
  • Stimulate productive dialogue
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Better understand each other
  • Deal with personality differences
  • Apply what you learn to your daily lives
  • Build a more intimate and satisfying relationship

Your Couple Checkup Includes:

  • A user friendly computer report created online for you to view and print
  • A 25-page discussion guide with exercises and discussion questions to help you improve your relationship

Customized for your relationship:

  • The Couple Checkup is tailored to your relationsip stage (dating, engaged or married), and relevant topics.
  • The Couple Checkup addresses important core areas of your relationship: Communication, Personality, Roles & Sexuality, and Finances.

Sign up for a class below:

The class is held on Saturdays. Upon enrollment and payment for the class, couples will be provided with an online link to take the Prepare/Enrich Couples Checkup inventory. Couples are asked to complete the couple’s checkup inventory prior to attending the Saturday class. Couples should print out the assessment results they receive from Prepare/Enrich, review them prior to the Saturday class, and bring them with them to the class.

Contact Sydney for more information at (937) 262-7010.