We offer classes for individuals currently involved in all stages of romantic relationships as well as those who are not, but desire to be. In this particular class we teach all of the skills necessary to create, improve and maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Establishing a healthy and satisfying relationship that could lead to a long-lasting marriage IS possible in today’s world. You just have to learn how to follow your heart without losing your mind.

The class we provide to individuals in a dating relationship is entitled, “Finding & Sustaining Love.”  During the four 2 hour sessions we begin by taking a look at several of the important topics related to the early stages of a dating relationship.  In subsequent sessions we will tie all of the information together delivering a complete description of the necessary components and practices required for a healthy dating relationship.

All participants are strongly encouraged to obtain a workbook for the class.

This class is conducted at our office located at 2201 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio  45405 unless otherwise indicated.  This class is held on Monday from 6:30 to 8:30.

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